SmartVent. Balance BAL225 | FAN6838

From: $4,931.00 incl. GST

SmartVent Balance is a very energy efficient ventilation system which uses the heat of extracted air to simultaneously temper incoming air from outside of the roof cavity.

A SmartVent Balance system monitors temperature conditions to ensure clean, fresh air is always circulating as and when needed around the home.

Suitable for new and renovated homes.

Simultaneously extracts stale air and introduces tempered fresh air.
Integrated digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning.
Self-diagnosis for simplified fault-finding.
Adjustable delay on/off timer.
Programmable core bypass for summer conditions.

BAL225 – 3 supply outlets/1 extract (expandable to 4 supply outlets/2 extracts max.)
– for homes up to 150m2.

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SmartVent. Additional Supply BAL225

Additional outlets can be added up to the maximum for each model.

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Smartvent. Additional Extract BAL225

Additional extracts can be added up to the maximum shown for each model.

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