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SmartVent Balance is an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system designed specifically for new build and low−permeability properties.

These balanced pressure heat recovery systems incorporate MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) technology which effectively uses the heat of the stale air being extracted to temper the incoming cold air to ensure that the loss of heat in the home is kept to a minimum. The warm, moist, stale air is extracted from a central point in the home, such as the hallway or wet rooms, through ducting and passed through the heat exchanger before being exhausted to the outside. Incoming fresh air is filtered and then tempered, without being polluted, via the integral counterflow heat exchanger which recovers up to 90% of the heat energy from the home that would otherwise be wasted, thus maximising energy efficiency.

A built-in core bypass allows for effortless summer operation, this European-inspired and manufactured balanced pressure ventilation system is set to impress those looking for the best. Designed for homes in NZ that value comfort, warmth and energy efficiency.

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  • F7 grade filter with HEPA or carbon filter options also available
  • Heat recovery system that draws outside fresh air into the home while simultaneously extracting moisture-laden, stale air from inside the home.
  • Stylish flat ceiling inset diffusers are fully adjustable to deliver balanced airflow into each room
  • Ducting retains temperature and reduces air transfer noise
  • Temperature and humidity sensing to measure dew point
  • Touch screen controllers providing easy setting for healthy home comfort
  • Reclaims up to 90% of the heat that passes through it, for great energy savings and lower bills for homes in NZ


  • Humidity Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Low Temperature Protection
  • Auto or Manual Operation
  • Core Bypass
  • Boost Control
  • Filter Change Alert

This 5 supply outlets/2 extract system is suitable for homes up to 350m2 and is expandable to 6 outlets/3 extracts max.

Price Match

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