SmartVent. Synergy3 SYN2025AD For Homes Up To 250m2 | FAN7524

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SmartVent Synergy3 is a centralised energy recovery ventilation system that constantly evaluates the environmental dynamics in and around your home.

Four wireless temperature and humidity sensors measure moisture content throughout the home, in the roof cavity and outside, to calculate dew point. This is the measure of when condensation will appear on the windows given the internal temperature and moisture conditions combined with the temperature of the coldest surface. These clever humidity control ventilation systems can then determine how much improved air quality to introduce to effect change without the risk of over-ventilating. At the heart of these systems the exchange of heat or cooling energy from the outgoing air to the incoming air provides an excellent solution for homes built after 2002.


  • Connect to the next generation of whole house ventilation systems with Smart Life App
  • F7 grade filter with HEPA or carbon filter options also available
  • Energy recovery system that draws outside fresh air into the home while simultaneously extracting stale air from inside the home.
  • Stylish flat ceiling inset diffusers are fully adjustable to deliver balanced airflow into each room
  • Ducting retains temperature and reduces air transfer noise
  • Wireless temperature and humidity sensing to measure dew point
  • App control or touch screen controllers providing easy setting for healthy home comfort


  • App Control
  • WiFi Connect
  • Dew Point Control
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Low Temperature Protection
  • Auto or Manual Operation
  • Core Efficiency
  • Boost Control
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Screen Brightness Control
  • Scheduler

Seasonal Add-Ons

  • Flexible Air Source – Roof Cavity
  • Heat Transfer
  • Tempering Heater

This 3 supply outlets/1 extract system is suitable for homes up to 250m2 and is expandable to 4 outlets/2 extracts max.

SmartVent Brochures & Manuals

Price Match

SmartVent. Additional Supply SYN | DCT4015

Additional outlets can be added up to the maximum for each model.

SmartVent. Additional Extract SYN | DCT4016

Additional outlets can be added up to the maximum for each model.

SmartVent. Second Air Source SYN | DCT4361

+Flexibility Second Air Source is an optional second air intake located in the roof cavity. This feature allows the system to utilise the roof cavity temperature for increased air source flexibility.

SmartVent. Heat Transfer SYN | FAN6905

+Heat Heat Transfer has a motorised damper and external fan that operates to switch the air drawing from either the outside or roof cavity to instead draw air from the room where there is a heat source (usually a lounge) and transfer it to the bedrooms.

Smartvent. 1kW Tempering Heater | DCT3231

1kW element inline heater designed to temper the incoming air.

Smartvent. 2kW Tempering Heater | DCT3230

2kW element inline heater designed to temper the incoming air.

Smartvent. Additional Fan SYN2025E2 | FAN7018

An additional fan kit allows an additional branch with fan, filter and outlet to be fitted to the system. The additional fan kits enable a single controller to operate two systems where longer duct runs or between floor configurations would normally be required.

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