Warmington. Open Wood Fire Freestanding | FSS | FST

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The design of the Freestanding Square or Taper Tops fires are ideal in their ability to adapt to any style, from modern to traditional.  The fires are also available in a twin option to allow the creation of designated areas within the same space.

Sizes: (width)

  • 440mm Square (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 600mm Square (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 700mm Square (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 700Tmm Square (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 780mm Square (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 780Tmm Square (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 900mm Square (requires 250 dia flue)
  • 1100mm Square (requires 300 dia flue)
  • 440mm Taper Top (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 600mm Taper Top (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 700mm Taper Top (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 700Tmm Taper Top (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 780mm Taper Top (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 780Tmm Taper Top (requires 200 dia flue)
  • 900mm Taper Top (requires 250 dia flue)
  • 1100mm Taper Top (requires 300 dia flue)


  • CAITEC – Air replacement integrated into the fire
  • Available in both single and twin sided
  • Fire bricks in the fire box for heat retention
  • Wetback options
  • Estimated heat output of up to 25Kw

Specifications & Downloads

Required. A floor protector and flue kit are required to be installed with this wood fire. These are not included in the basic wood fire price and will need to be added to your cart as well.

Note. We encourage you to meet with your installer prior to purchase to ensure that your wood fire is suitable for what you have in mind, that you order the correct parts, and to request a quote for the installation of your fire prior to install.

Delivery. You will need to arrange assistance in handling the wood fire when it is delivered to you as they are heavy and awkward to lift.

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