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+Cool Summer Feature. The +Cool Summer Feature kit is an optional second air intake located under the eaves or at the gable end of the home (weatherproof grille maybe required). This feature provides an alternative air supply for use during summer months.

− When installed on the south side of the house it ensures the coolest possible air is used.
− SmartVent Evolve2 uses the + Cool Summer Feature kit to manage the temperature and moisture conditions in the home.
− If the house design prevents the installation of a + Cool Summer Feature kit, there are alternative options for a second air source such as through roof kits. SmartVent have a full range of accessories available to assist.

+ Heat Heat Transfer. This has a motorised damper that operates to switch the air drawing from either the outside or roof cavity to instead draw air from the room where there is a heat source (usually a lounge) and transfer it to the bedrooms. This feature can also provide internal air circulation when roof cavity and/or outside temperatures are too cold. When installing a + Heat Heat Transfer feature, an adequate heat source is required that is capable of delivering enough excess heat to adequately warm all areas heat is transferred to, while remaining effective in the source room.

– It is important to point out that when + Heat Heat Transfer is activated, the system is not bringing in fresh air, therefore not ventilating the home – however the home is getting the benefit of transferring heat around the house (e.g. cold winter nights). It also shuts off the air supply back into the heat source room.
– + Heat Heat Transfer can also be used to manage the preferred temperature and moisture conditions in the home when added to a SmartVent Evolve2 system.

– + Heat Heat Transfer is recommended when there is a heat source that creates excess heat (i.e. wood fire or similar).
– A heat pump sized for the room it occupies is most often not be suitable for + Heat Heat Transfer.

Outdoor Air Supply. The outdoor supply kit is designed specifically for SV01 & SV02 systems when roof cavity air is not desirable. The kit contains a fixed grille, duct and filter spigots. *All other systems include these parts in the standard kit.

Tempering Heater. A tempering heater is a 1kW or 2kW element inline heater designed to temper the
incoming air.
• This is used when the ability to temper the delivered air to a more comfortable temperature is required.
• Tempering heaters will not provide a home heating solution.
• The temperature of the introduced air will be raised by up to 8°C. The temperature of the home will not increase by this much.
• A SmartVent system with an inline tempering heater is not intended to be a substitute for an effective heating system in the home.

Additional Fan. An additional fan kit allows an additional branch with fan, filter and outlet to be fitted to the system. The additional fan kits enable a single controller to operate two systems where longer duct runs or between floor configurations would normally be required.

Second Air Source. +Flexibility second air source is an optional second air intake located in the roof cavity. This feature allows the system to utilise the roof cavity temperature for increased air source flexibility.

Core Bypass. This feature diverts fresh filtered air around the core and ensures the coolest possible air is used to ventilate the home. This is useful in summer when the outside temperature is assumed to be lower than the inside and you do not want to warm the incoming air with the air you are extracting from the home.

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