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A word from the Manufacturer. Simx, the manufacturers and distributors of SmartVent Home Ventilation systems, have been in operation for over 30 years in the ventilation industry. 8 out of 10 electricians recommend SmartVent.

Only SmartVent has temperature and humidity sensing systems, as well as traditional and economy solutions to control indoor air quality, control condensation and protect your investment.

Our unique acoustic insulated duct lessens air noise travelling down the duct and entering the room the outlets are placed in.

The SmartVent systems use F7 class filters which capture on average up to 90% of 0.4 micron particles over the lifetime of the filter.

All SmartVent systems can be easily upgraded as a family grows, with smart affordable features. With most SmartVent systems consumers can start with a standard system and add upgrades at a later stage.

Simx source only the highest quality componentry and as such all SmartVent systems are supported by a 5 year warranty.

SmartVent Home Ventilation systems are recommended and installed by qualified Electrical and HVAC contractors across the country.

SmartVent is proud to be a member of the CCCA (Climate Control Companies Association). The purpose of the organisation is to promote high standards of business competence and industry conduct for companies engaged in climate-controlled environments.

SmartVent is a proud partner with Future Proof building working with consumer to help homeowners create a quiet, safe and comfortable home, reducing energy costs and using sustainable products.

Market feedback from these groups and consumers, along with ongoing investment in research and development has led to SmartVent having the most flexible, future-proofed home ventilation systems in the New Zealand market.

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