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+ Heat Heat Transfer has a motorised damper that operates to switch the air drawing from either the outside or roof cavity to instead draw air from the room where there is a heat source (usually a lounge) and transfer it to the bedrooms. This feature can also provide internal air circulation when roof cavity and/or outside temperatures are too cold. When installing a + Heat Heat Transfer feature, an adequate heat source is required that is capable of delivering enough excess heat to adequately warm all areas heat is transferred to, while remaining effective in the source room.

– It is important to point out that when + Heat Heat Transfer is activated, the system is not bringing in fresh air, therefore not ventilating the home – however the home is getting the benefit of transferring heat around the house (e.g. cold winter nights). It also shuts off the air supply back into the heat source room.
– + Heat Heat Transfer can also be used to manage the preferred temperature and moisture conditions in the home when added to a SmartVent Evolve2 system.

– + Heat Heat Transfer is recommended when there is a heat source that creates excess heat (i.e. wood fire or similar).
– A heat pump sized for the room it occupies is most often not be suitable for + Heat Heat Transfer.

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