Warmington. Southern Series | Lindis | Lewis | Mckenzie | Cardrona Cooker

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The Southern Series now has four fires in its Range. The large McKenzie, slightly smaller sized Lindis and the smallest being the Lewis. The fires have a heating capacity of 15-25kw, and are great as a stove at the top surface can be used for cooking and the base area to store wood. This series has a wetback option with 2- 5kw capacity.  To complete the Range, the Cardrona Cooker is ideal for country homes, or those wanting to save on power costs.  It has a oven and cooking surface.

Unique upright Design to allow for ease of cooking and loading wood.
Oven model available.
Wood storage under fire box.
High heat output.
Wet back options.

Specifications & Installation Guide

Required. A floor protector and flue kit are required to be installed with this wood fire. These are not included in the basic wood fire price and will need to be added to your cart as well.

Note. We encourage you to meet with your Installer prior to purchase to ensure that your wood fire is suitable for what you have in mind, that you order the correct parts, and to request a quote for the installation of your fire prior to Install.

Delivery. You will need to arrange assistance in handling the wood fire when it is delivered to you as they are heavy and awkward to lift.

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