The Neptune 1

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The Neptune 1 Shower is a stylish solution to keep sand and mud out of your home; it’s the perfect end to a day at the beach, a trip to the dog park, or a muddy winter sports game.

This shower is a great choice for the backyard or the bach as it’s designed to run off a garden hose, with no plumbing needed. Setup is simple with an easy install DIY kit and only four screws needed to complete installation.

Choose from polished or antique copper finishes for a shower that blends with your space and looks beautiful year after year.

For a simple cold water shower, just connect the Neptune 1 to a garden hose. If you prefer, you can connect to a mixed warm water feed for a warmer shower on chilly mornings. For an extra touch of style and practicality, add a foot tap – perfect for a quick rinse before you head indoors.

Like all of our showers, the Neptune 1 is hand-crafted to order, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Supplied with a 100mm or 150mm Copper Rainmaker Shower rose, hand-spun and crafted in Canterbury, New Zealand.

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