Smokin Joe. Bespoke Fire Hearth Premium Wall Series | 10 Tile Options

$599.00$699.00 incl. GST

Smokin Joe Premium Wall Series ash hearths offer the widest choice of tile and trim options. The pine trim is available in five colour options. One benefit of the wooden trim is that it has an 8mm raised edge so that the ash and wood drippings are contained and are less likely to make their way out onto the carpet. The wall hearths front corners can either be square or angled.

Petite Wall
W x 920 D x 915 A x 610 B x 760 (mm)

Midi Wall
W x 1070 D x 1065 A x 760 B x 910 (mm)

Grande Wall
W x 1100 D x 1215 A x 785 B x 1055 (mm)

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