SmartVent. Lite2 Six Outlets SV06L2 | FAN6806

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SmartVent Lite2 is an economical home ventilation system that monitors temperature conditions to ensure that you are protecting your home or rental property with quality air always circulating.

As a standard temperature-based solution, bringing air in faster when warmer and slower when cooler, SmartVent Lite2 is commonly referred to as a “Landlord Solution” or a cost-effective solution to protecting their property investment. The rental lock feature enables a property owner to lock the controller to prevent tenants from switching the system OFF while still allowing system temperatures, fan speeds and ventilation scheduler adjustments to suit the lifestyles/needs of the occupants. Low temperature protection, set at a user adjustable default setting of 5°C, ensures that continuous cold air is not introduced when the incoming air conditions are too cold.


  • F7 grade filter with HEPA or carbon filter options also available
  • Introduces Fresh filtered air to reduce moisture
  • Stylish flat ceiling inset diffusers are fully adjustable to deliver balanced airflow into each room
  • Ducting reduces air transfer noise
  • Temperature sensing
  • Touch screen controllers providing easy setting for healthy home comfort


  • Temperature Sensing
  • Low Temperature Protection
  • Auto or Manual Operation
  • Rental Property Lock
  • Boost Control
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Screen Brightness Control
  • Scheduler

This 6 room system is suitable or homes up to 560m2 and is expandable to 10 rooms max.

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