SmartVent. Lite2 One Outlet SV01L2 | FAN6803

From: $883.00 incl. GST

SmartVent Lite2 is an economical ventilation system that monitors temperature conditions to ensure that you are protecting your home, or rental property, with quality air always circulating.

SmartVent Lite2 has an added feature enabling a property owner to lock the controller to prevent tenants from switching the system off while still allowing system temperatures, fan speeds and ventilation scheduler adjustments to suit the lifestyles/needs of the occupants.

Positive pressure systems are good for most homes, particularly those with timber and older aluminium joinery.

SmartVent Lite2 systems are the simple, no fuss way to ventilate your home or rental property.

Draws in fresher, drier air.
Filters the air from pollens, dust and allergens.
Nude and acoustic insulated ducting for low to no-noise operation.
Smarter solutions with an easy-to-use controller.

SV01L – 1 system outlet (expandable to 3 max.) for homes up to 80m2.

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SmartVent. Additional Outlet for Smartvent Lite

Additional outlets can be added up to the maximum for each model.

SmartVent. Outdoor Air Supply for One & Two Outlet Systems

The outdoor supply kit is designed specifically for SV01 & SV02 systems when roof cavity air is not desirable. The kit contains a fixed grille, duct and filter spigots. *All other systems include these parts in the standard kit.

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