Smartvent. Fresh dMVHR Decentralised Heat Recovery with App Control | FAN7390

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Whole Home Decentralised Ventilation

The principle of decentralised ventilation is as simple as its implementation. Decentralised ventilation devices are inserted directly into the wall by simply drilling the outer wall. With this type of controlled ventilation, you protect your building structure and your health, while ensuring hygienically clean and low emission indoor air.


SmartVent Fresh is a decentralised heat recovery system that can scale to provide ventilation from individual rooms to entire properties.

The units can work stand−alone, or a specific unit can be turned into a master that can communicate with and control other system components via wireless RF communication (RF866MHz) or via a wired RS485 bus.

The system supports simple manual modes and advanced configuration via Bluetooth. The dedicated app supplied with the product supports direct connections with the master device and allows the addition and configuration up to 16 devices/sensors in up to 4 Ventilation Zones.

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