Mitsubishi Electric. Large Capacity AS90

Boasting a capacity of 9.0kW in cooling (10.3kW in heating), this model features next-generation R32 high-efficiency compressor technology, developed and engineered to use less power than ever before. The Wide and Long Airflow Mode, in addition to Powerful Mode, ensures far-reaching coverage making the AS90 ideal for larger, open working spaces.

Next-Generation R32 Technology

Superior energy efficiency is achieved by incorporating a large, high-density heat exchanger, an advanced high-efficiency fan motor and a next-generation compressor using the latest super efficient and more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant.

Powerful Mode

The one-touch Powerful Mode automatically adjusts the fan speed and temperature, guaranteeing full power operation within 15 minutes for faster heating or cooling. After 15 minutes, the unit automatically returns to its previous operation settings.

Wide and Long Airflow

The Wide Airflow Mode enables airflow direction to be adjusted from left to right, ideal for open plan environments ensuring every corner of the room is comfortable.The Long Airflow Mode extends airflow by up to 12m to reach even the furthest point of open plan or larger living spaces.These modes are simply activated at the touch of a button on your remote controller.

  • Two Stage Advanced Filtration
  • Econo Cool Function
  • i-Save Mode
  • Blue Fin Condenser
  • Night Mode
  • 7-Day Programmable Controller
  • Optional Wi-Fi Control

Large Capacity AS90 Brochure

Available within the Taranaki region and installed by the specialists at Climate & Plumbing.

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