Metro Fires. One Room Heat Transfer System | 550-0520

$329.00 incl. GST

Create a dry, healthy environment and reduce condensation and dampness in your home. Metro heat transfer systems perfectly partner your Metro fire by utilising the excess heat produced by your wood fire and distributing it via an insulated ducting system to warm other rooms within your home. The excess heat trapped at ceiling level can reach temperatures of up to 30-35ºC. By distributing this excess heat you can spread warmth throughout your home.

This system is ideal for smaller homes or if you’re only requiring one additional room to be heated. Featuring an inline fan capable of moving 320m3 of warm air per hour.

1 Room Heat Transfer System Components

  • 1 x 150mm diameter intake grille • 1 x thermostat • 2 x 3m lengths of 150mm diameter insulated duct
  • 1 x 150mm diameter inline fan • 1 x 150mm diameter adjustable cone outlet diffusers • 2 x rolls of ducting tape

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