LHZ. Digital Visage 2000 Standard Timer

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A great looking contemporary heater ideal for larger rooms. The grill is at the top of the heater so it can be put behind furniture.


  • Includes timer.
  • 2000 watts.
  • Width 1050mm x Height 450mm x Depth 68mm.
  • 5 year warranty.

The TDI digital thermostat is a seven day programmable timer that is specific to the heater it is mounted on.  Users can choose between using the heater as a manual thermostat (press plus and get heat) or as a timed heater.

There is also a function which allows you to heat for only a specific time (like a countdown alarm) and another which will stop the heater from working while you are on holiday, and make it start again on the day you are due home.

Further Information.

Unique aluminum element design. Provides heat quickly and effectively. Large surface area provides a more effective transfer of heat. Magmatic tablet. Patented passive heat storage – delivers greater effectiveness than a traditional convector.

Low surface temperature. Unique design and features ensure the heater is safe to touch. Twin overheat protection. Built in safety feature ensures the heater will not overheat should the heater be covered. IP24 rated. Splash proof for use in bathrooms and wet rooms.

The Visage heater is very simple to operate, simply press plus and get heat. Digital control and thermostat. Extremely accurate temperature control to 0.1 of a degree. The thermostat has three control settings, comfort, economy and frost protection. Comfort setting is normally the desired temperature, say 20°. Economy setting is normally a lower temperature, used when the room is vacant for short periods or so the room is more comfortable for sleeping, say 16°. Frost protection is a temperature that is used in Europe to stop the pipework freezing over when the building is vacant, say 5°.

Wall mounted or freestanding. Feet are available as a freestanding option.

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  • LHZ. Visage Freestanding Feet

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