HeatTrans. Three Room Heat Transfer Kit | FAN0338

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HeatTrans heat transfer systems make use of excess heat from your Wood Fire by transferring it from one room and distributing it to other rooms in your home.

If your lounge is warm and comfortable but the rest of the house remains chilly, then this is the heat transfer system you need!

By transferring the excess heat, you can efficiently use that warmth to reduce the chill in bedrooms; creating a drier, more comfortable home.

A Summer-Vent extension kit can be added to your heat transfer system to bring in fresh outside air during the warmer months.

Extra ducting may be required depending on the layout of your home and the roof space. To calculate if you need extra ducting measure and add together the distance from the lounge to each room. This kit can be extended by 9 metres to a total of 24 metres (15 metres is supplied).

Kit Includes.
1 x Automated Touch Screen Controller
1 x 200mm Multi-Speed High Performance Fan
3 x 3 Metres – 150mm Acoustic Insulated Duct
2 x 3 Metres – 200mm Insulated Duct
1 x Double Branch Take-Off (3 Way Splitter)
1 x Circular Inlet Grille
3 x Adjustable Circular Design Outlet Diffusers
3 x 48mm x 30 Metre Duct Tape

Superior Fans. The high quality fans have been specifically selected to deliver optimum airflow and pressure levels, that cost as little as a light bulb (between 27W and 85W) to run.

Whisper Quiet Air Transfer. The unique acoustic insulated duct reduces air transfer noise to a ‘whisper quiet’ level. Better temperature heat retention is achieved also, during air transfer.

Adjustable Diffusers. Balance the airflow into each room by turning the centre section of the diffuser to allow more or less air into each room. Simply twist to close the diffuser when the room is not in use.

Automated Control. Automated touch screen technology gives effortless control of your HeatTrans system, with a clear large screen displaying the ‘heat source’ room temperature. The system automatically adjusts the fan speed to achieve your preferred temperature by transferring the excess heat to other rooms in your home. With the timer function, set the system to turn off when you choose and for year round use, install the optional extra Summer-Vent extension for warmer weather.

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