HeatTrans. One Room Heat Transfer Kit | FAN0325

$411.00 incl. GST

HeatTrans systems are designed to transfer excess heat from a heat source room to other rooms in the home.

If your lounge is warm and comfortable but the rest of the house remains cold, then this system is what you need to efficiently use that warmth to reduce the chill in bedrooms, creating a drier, more comfortable environment throughout the home.

Standard HeatTrans systems include R0.6 acoustic ducting to maximise heat retention with minimal air transfer noise.

HeatTrans 1 room system includes:

1 x Touch Screen Controller
1 x 150mm High Performance Axial Fan
1 x 150mm x 3m R0.6 Thermal Acoustic Ducting
1 x 150mm x 3m R0.6 Insulated Duct
1 x 150mm Round Inlet Grille
1 x 150mm Adjustable Round Outlet Diffuser
2 x 45mm x 5m Duct Tape

Can be extended as follows: 6 metres supplied (can be extended to 12 metres).

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