Earlier Model Daikin MC70LPVM. Replacement Pleated Filter (4 pc) Part No. KAC017A4E | 2065058

$195.00 incl. GST

Notes from operation manual:

• Replace the pleated filter when the filter lamp lights up or blinks even if the filter looks clean. The amount of visible dirt does not represent the capacity of the filter.
• The replacement interval for the pleated filter varies according to how the unit is used and where it is located. The filter lamp lights up after about 2 years if the unit is used every day in a house where 10 cigarettes per day are smoked. (The replacement interval shortens when the unit is used where the air is particularly dirty.)
• When you have replaced the pleated filter before the filter lamp lights up because of visible dirt or generation of odour, press the filter reset button for 5 seconds.

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