Devan. 2000L Stormpanel

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stormPANEL stormwater tanks store excess stormwater above ground and slowly release it into the council stormwater system. They are built from environmentally friendly, long-lasting material and come in two sizes – 1,000L and an available soon 2,000L. Both tanks can connect together for larger volumes.

They can also provide water storage for reuse in your garden to save on water rates.
The tanks are unobtrusive, narrow and being less than 2m tall, can be installed on fence-lines (always check local council fencing rules).

The tanks can be sunk into the ground up to 200mm further reducing height to less than 1.8m.
The range of stormPANEL tanks have been designed with mounting points on one side to allow the fitting of custom artwork, wooden trellis, or other screening system to blend into your outdoor space.

2,000L stormPANEL above ground slim tank system is designed for easy expansion should your future requirements change. The tanks are available in all 11 standard Devan colours

  • Tank Length 3,130mm (Approximately)
  • Tank Width 460mm
  • Height 1,950mm

Please note that the colours represented are the best match possible within screen and print variations. As colours may vary, please contact us direct if you require a free colour swatch sample.

Price Match

All Devan water tanks from 600L to 30,000L are delivered free to your gate within the North and South Islands providing the public road is accessible by our truck which can be up to 3.1m wide, 4.5m high and up to 20m long! Other locations that require ferry transport for example will incur additional costs payable by the purchaser.

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