FAQ. System Types

What are the different types of home ventilation systems?

Positive Pressure which actively draws in fresh, dry air and Balanced or Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV which introduces clean air and takes out the polluted air.

Do I need a positive pressure or balanced heat recovery ventilation HRV system?

Positive Pressure is well suited to older homes and Balanced or Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV is best for modern, newly renovated or airtight homes.

What type of house is a Positive Pressure home ventilation system best for?

Well suited to older homes where timber joinery and older aluminium joinery allow air to be forced out more easily to create better air circulation.

What type of house is a Balanced or Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV system best for?

Works best with modern or newly renovated homes that are better insulated with modern joinery which results in homes being more airtight.

How do Positive Pressure home ventilation systems work?

They draw in fresher, drier air from the roof cavity and filter it before distributing around your home. The air movement forces the moist or stale air out of your home.

How do Balanced or Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV systems work?

They actively extract polluted air and reuse it to temper the clean air drawn in from outside. Advanced systems measure moisture and react to improve air quality.

What home ventilation system is best suited to my house?

SmartVent Lite for a rental property, Positive an older home, Evolve2 or Synergy2 for an apartment, new or renovated home and Balance for a new or renovated home.

Where do home ventilation systems draw air from?

The roof cavity and/or outside. With a summer feature installed the system will bring in cooler outside air instead of the hot ceiling cavity air.

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