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Do I need to have a home ventilation system in New Zealand?

No. As we have seen though with heating and insulation, there is a push towards a healthy home. It is possible that it could become a requirement in the future.

Is a home ventilation system required for a rental property?

Where windows aren’t able to be used due to noise, pollutants or an apartment with no external walls it may be a requirement. Check with your local council.

How many air changes per hour do you need for good ventilation?

The New Zealand Building Code recommends a minimum of 0.35 air changes per hour. SmartVent systems are designed to deliver 0.5 to 1 air change per hour.

Is a home ventilation system energy efficient?

SmartVent Balance and Synergy2 maximise energy efficiency by recovering wasted heat produced from everyday activities and using it to temper incoming air.

Who are Future Proof Building?

They work with consumer to help homeowners create a quiet, safe and comfortable home, reduce energy costs and to use sustainable products.

FAQ | Ventilation

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