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How often should I change the filter for my SmartVent?

When your system control panel indicates your filter is full or for maximum effectiveness replace F7 filters every 12 months and Carbon or HEPA filters every 6 months.

What types of filters are there for home ventilation systems?

SmartVent use high quality F7, Carbon and HEPA filters to effectively trap fine pollens, dusts, allergens, odours, airborne bacteria and viral organisms.

Can I used a different brand filter for my SmartVent?

Replace with a genuine SmartVent filter to protect your system and it’s warranty.

How do I change the filter for my Smartvent home ventilation system?

Visit www.smartvent.co.nz/installation-videos to see a step by step video showing how to change your filter. Purchase your new filter here www.climateathome.nz.

What is an F7 class filter for a home ventilation system?

A high grade filter that captures up to 90% of 0.4 micron particles such as fine pollens, dusts and allergens from the air making the air cleaner to breathe.

What is a carbon filter for a home ventilation system?

An absorbent filter that traps odours. Use if there is concern about smell from the roof cavity, outside, or from the fire if heat transfer is installed.

What is a HEPA filter for a home ventilation system?

HEPA filters are 99.97% efficient in preventing the spread of airborne bacteria and viral organisms at the 0.3 micron particle size. Recommended for those with asthma or allergies.

What is a G3 filter for a home ventilation system?

SmartVent Synergy2 and Balance systems have two G3 filters installed to protect the core from debris build-up. Periodically, these filters will need to be maintained/cleaned.

What does micron particles mean in relation to a home ventilation system?

It is the size of contaminants and particles that are present in the air around our home. For example, pollens that can cause allergies can be around 10-40 microns in size.

Will a home ventilation system spread the dust around my house?

No, SmartVent systems use high-grade filters to greatly reduce dust particles and harmful contaminants from the roof or outside from entering your home.

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