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How much does a home ventilation system cost?

SmartVent Lite positive pressure systems start from $985 for the system itself. SmartVent Balanced or Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV systems start from $3,586.

What does a home ventilation system cost to run?

SmartVent systems cost from as little as 35 cents per day. *Based on the fan(s) power consumption on maximum speed, running 24 hours per day, over a 30-day period, at $0.26/kWh.

Where do I buy a home ventilation system online?

Buy your Positive Pressure or Balanced Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV system online at www.climateathome.nz. Full range available and we will match your best price.

Where do I buy filters or parts for my SmartVent?

Online at www.climateathome.nz. We will match your best price and deliver free to your residential address throughout NZ. Contact us to request parts.

FAQ | Ventilation

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