FAQ. Condensation

What does moisture in the home do?

The average NZ family produces over 100 litres per week of moisture in the home. If not removed it can result in condensation, mold, mildew and damage to your home.

How do I control the moisture in my home?

Open doors and windows. Keep a window with security stays slightly ajar in the bedroom overnight. Use extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen. Avoid drying washing inside. Install a home ventilation system.

How do I get rid of mold and condensation?

Address any specific sources of moisture; leaky pipe, damp under house, structural rot, lack of extraction, unflued gas appliances. Install a home ventilation system.

Will a home ventilation system fix my mold and condensation problem?

The air movement ventilation systems create takes the moist, stale air that causes condensation and mold out of your home and brings dry filtered air in.

Does a home ventilation system make my house warmer?

By themselves they are not an effective way to heat your home. To make your home warmer invest in insulation and install an effective heating system.

What is dew point?

The cooler temperature at which condensation, or water droplets (dew), form when warmer air comes in contact with a colder surface such as a window or glass surface.

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