How It Works + The Serious Stuff.

Cost. Delivery to residential addresses throughout New Zealand is included in our prices.

Supplier Relationship. Because of our great relationships with our Suppliers, we have been able to arrange most of our products to be delivered straight from our Supplier directly to you. This allows the delivery time to be shorter, less handling of the product, and for delivery costs to be absorbed by Climate At Home, our Suppliers and the Buyer. This means when ordering you are not charged any extra for delivery.

Added Excitement. Shipping directly to you from our Suppliers does mean, where you have ordered multiple products in one order, they may arrive separately on different days – we like to think this will simply add to the excitement of receiving each and every item at your door.

Out Of Stock. We aim to dispatch orders the following day, if not that same day, Monday to Friday. Sometimes this is not possible but we will let you know if this is the case as soon as we know. It doesn’t happen often but because we are not managing our own stock levels in our own location there is the chance that our Suppliers may be out of stock.

Security Of Goods. Climate At Home and its Suppliers reserve the right to select the method of shipping to ensure the best security of the goods to be shipped.

Rural & Sea Freight. Shipping to Rural and Sea Freight addresses is an option, check with us prior to purchase to get an idea of what the charges might be. You can always provide us with an alternative Non-Rural address instead.

Delays/Defaults In Delivery. Climate At Home and its Suppliers are not responsible or liable in any way to the buyer for delays or defaults in delivery of the order or any part, nor for any direct or consequential loss or damage arising from any delay or default.

Delivered. Delivery of the goods shall be deemed to occur when the goods arrive at the location specified by the buyer or when the buyer or agent of the buyer takes physical possession of the goods, whichever is the first to occur. Delivery of the goods to a carrier will be deemed to be delivery of the goods to the buyer.

Damaged In Transit/Discrepancies. Goods are carried at ‘Limited Carriers Risk’. In order that we may process claims for damage or loss, please follow our Delivery Inspection Procedure. This can be printed and referred to, at the time of delivery, when receiving your order.


C@H Buyer Delivery Inspection Procedure 2021

Do not accept any goods from any source without thoroughly checking all items for damage.

Your inspection should identify whether the goods should be:

Accepted. If they are in satisfactory condition.

Rejected. If the consignment is damaged or if the packaging suggests that the goods inside may be damaged then you MUST inspect the goods immediately. Even when time is limited, goods must be inspected at time of arrival. Signing consignment documents ‘Subject to Inspection’ or ‘Possible Damage’ does not provide you with an avenue to claim later damage. All goods must be inspected in front of the driver and any damage noted.

NOTE. If a consignment note is signed without any notation regarding the state of the goods it is classed as a ‘clean delivery’. The freight company will not uphold any claims for which the courier or carrier has a clean receipt.

Short Delivered. Where goods are missing, the consignment note must be signed ‘Short-Delivered’ noting the discrepancy in quantity. The carrier or courier is then responsible for locating the missing goods.

Signature not required on delivery. Depending on the type of delivery you are receiving a signature may not be required. It is still important for you to follow this inspection procedure and contact us immediately if your consignment is not found in acceptable condition.

Delivery to a courier depot. Inspect your consignment at the courier depot before taking it away. Follow this inspection process and if your consignment is not found in acceptable condition sign as your inspection identifies and take photos. Do not take the goods from the depot.

Delivery to an alternative address. You may have organised for your consignment to be delivered to an alternative address. The person signing acceptance of the goods must follow this inspection procedure.

If your consignment has arrived damaged or missing goods you must notify Climate At Home at the time of delivery and inspection, take photos of the damage and email to along with any other information you can provide. This allows any claims to be processed quickly and ensures we meet any required timeframes for making a claim with any transport providers and their insurance companies.

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