Signing For Freight

Do not accept any goods from any source without thoroughly checking all items for damage.

Your inspection should identify whether the goods should be signed short-delivered, damaged or accepted.


Ensure you have checked against the dispatch note, that all pieces of the consignment have been received. Where goods are missing, the consignment note must be signed ‘Short-Delivered’ noting the discrepancy in quantity. The carrier is then responsible for locating the missing goods.


Check the outer packaging for visible damage. If freight is received and damage is sighted, please ensure goods are signed as ‘Damaged’. Do not accept severely damaged goods.

Contact Climate At Home as soon as possible to advise of the damages, email to

  • Advise consignment number and nature of damages
  • Wherever possible include photos of the damages
  • A photo including the consignment label is also very useful

Climate At Home will coordinate the return of the goods and replacements as required. 

Claims for damages will not be accepted after 24hrs post-delivery.

Please note, if a consignment is signed for as clean or accepted by the receiving party, a damaged claim after the fact cannot be processed.


Sign to accept delivery if the consignment is in satisfactory condition.

Signature not required

Depending on the type of delivery you are receiving a signature may not be required. It is still important for you to follow this inspection process and contact us immediately if your consignment is not found in acceptable condition.

Delivery to a courier depot

Inspect your consignment at the courier depot before taking it away. Follow this inspection process and if your consignment is not found in acceptable condition sign as your inspection identifies and take photos. Do not take the goods from the depot.

Delivery to an alternative address

You may have organised for your consignment to be delivered to an alternative address. The person signing acceptance of the goods must follow this inspection process.

Oversized Deliveries