Tanksalot. Modline 1000L

$1,930.00 incl. GST

Width 700mm x Length 1600mm x Height 1000mm. Capacity 1000L.

The Modline range of Water Tanks have flat ends, giving them a smaller footprint than the equivalent capacity of Slimlines. 

Modlines are available in popular colours and sizes up to 10,000 litres. A Modline tank can help maximise the water storage in a tight space. Internal stainless steel cross bracing is engineered into the tank for maximum durability and strength.

Benefits of a Tanksalot® Modline Tank

  • Narrow shape, can fit in a small space making these tanks Slim tanks
  • Detention & Retention Tanks
  • All Tanksalot® tanks come fitted with all fittings for easier installation.
  • No BPA and no UV Stabilisers as found in plastic tanks.
  • Rigid cross bracing system, won’t bulge or bow like plastic tanks
  • Modern look
  • Capacity up to 10,000 L
  • Available in a range of sizes

The price shown above is for the tank only, to give an idea of where prices start. Delivery & installation is additional to the price of the tank. View the complete range of tanks at Tanksalot.

Available through C@H in the Taranaki region and installed by the experts at Climate & Plumbing. To receive a quote for installation and to ensure you set your system up to get the best use of your tank, for your property, book a free consultation.

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