SmartVent. Synergy2 SYN190E2 For Homes Up To 150m2 | FAN6913

From: $3,183.00 incl. GST

SmartVent Synergy2 is the only centralised energy recovery ventilation system available in New Zealand that actively measures the moisture content of the air and reacts to improve air quality, reducing the risk of over-ventilating your home.

The wall controller is an easy-to-use daily scheduler for specific ventilation requirements to ensure you are successfully creating better air for a healthier home.

Suitable for Established Homes, Renovated Homes, New Builds and Apartments.

Simultaneously extracts stale air and introduces tempered fresh air.
Monitors temperature and humidity.
Wall mounted colour touchscreen controller.
Traps up to 90% of pollens, dust and allergens.

SYN190E2 – 3 supply outlets/1 extracts (expandable to 4 supply outlets/2 extracts max.)
– for homes up to 150m2.

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SmartVent. 3m Additional Outlet for Positive & Evolve

Additional outlets can be added up to the maximum shown for each model.

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Smartvent. Additional Extract

Additional extracts can be added up to the maximum shown for each model.

SmartVent. Second Air Source

+Flexibility Second Air Source is an optional second air intake located in the roof cavity. This feature allows the system to utilise the roof cavity temperature for increased air source flexibility.

SmartVent. Heat Transfer

+Heat Heat Transfer has a motorised damper and external fan that operates to switch the air drawing from either the outside or roof cavity to instead draw air from the room where there is a heat source (usually a lounge) and transfer it to the bedrooms.

Smartvent. 1kW Tempering Heater SV01P2, SV02P2, SV02E2

1kW element inline heater designed to temper the incoming air.

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Smartvent. Core Bypass

This feature diverts fresh filtered air around the core. This is useful in summer when the outside temperature is assumed to be lower than the inside and you do not want to warm the incoming air with the air you are extracting from the home.

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