Regency. Contemporary Gas Fireplace GF1500L

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The Regency Greenfire indoor gas fireplace provides an immense linear view of the best in class flame and log package that Regency currently offers. Perfect for contemporary spaces and generous living areas, heat is distributed throughout the home with maximum efficiency. The black enamel reflective panels further accentuate the fire – drawing friends and family closer to stay a while longer.

Standard Features.

  • Natural gas
  • Direct vent room sealed technology
  • Wide landscape fire with driftwood log set
  • Realistic ceramic glowing ember bed
  • Black enamel reflective side panels
  • 3-speed fan
  • Electronic ignition
  • RF remote control

Optional Features.

  • Contemporary door frame and fascia in black or brushed stainless steel
  • Premium black glass fascia
  • Clean edge finish option in stainless steel or black (no fascia required)
  • 15mm trim for clean edge finish
  • Black or stainless steel inner door frame to mix and match
  • Framing kit for ease of installation
  • LPG/ULPG conversion kit
  • Horizontal or vertical flue
  • AstroCap Venting System for horizontal termination
  • Heat distribution kit & air duct to distribute heat to other rooms
  • Note: one fascia option must be chosen

Note. We encourage you to meet with your installer prior to purchase to ensure that your gas fire is suitable for what you have in mind, that you order the correct parts, and to request a quote for the installation of your fire prior to install.

Delivery. Regency fires include delivery to residential addresses throughout New Zealand. You will need to arrange assistance in handling the gas fire when it is delivered to you as they are heavy and awkward to lift.

NZ Residential Delivery Included.

Price Match. Yes.

Regency. GF1500L Black Flat Fascia

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Regency. GF1500L Premium Black Glass Fascia

Regency. GF1500L Black Clean Edge Fascia

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Regency. GF1500L Black 15mm Trim Fascia

Regency. GF1500L Black w/ Stainless Steel Inner Fascia

Regency. GF1500L Stainless Steel w/ Black Inner Fascia

Regency. GF1500L Black Glass w/ Stainless Steel Inner Fascia

Regency. LP Conversion Kit GF1500L

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Regency. GF1500 Framing Kit

Regency. AstroCap 1200mm Horizontal Flexi Flue Kit

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Regency. AstroCap 3000mm Horizontal Flexi Flue Kit

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Regency. Direct Vent Flue Extension Kit (twin pack)

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Regency. Direct Vent 45 Degree Bend Kit

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Regency. Gas Cowl Only (vertical)

Regency. Astro Cap Only (horizontal)

Regency. Flue Starting Collar

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