Metro. Mega Smart Booster

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Metro’s revolutionary wetbacks overcome those ever increasing winter power bills for thousands of satisfied Metro owners. With the benefit of reduced power consumption and the availability of hot water during power cuts, a wetback will either boost or provide the majority of your households hot water requirements.

There are many conditions that influence the efficiency of a wetback system and it is beneficial to find a plumber/gasfitter who is experienced with wetback installation so that efficiencies are maximised. A licensed plumber/gasfitter is required to install a wetback system that will adhere to the ‘Heated Water Services’ standard AS/NZS 3500.

Most Metro wood fires can have wetbacks fitted to them. The R1 and R2 models are not wetback capable, but all other models within the range can be fitted with a wetback. A wetback can work as a valuable supplement to your hot water system and can help to reduce your hot water heating costs.

Basic installation information on how to correctly install a wetback in a Metro wood fire is detailed in the wetback installation sheets.


  • Wetbacks must be connected with water before operating the fire. Water must always be available to the wetback while the fire is in operation.
  • The hot water supply pipe must run at a minimum gradient of 1:12 from wetback to storage device so that the water can naturally circulate. The pipework must also be well insulated as per the standard AS/NZS 3500.
  • Your plumber/gasfitter can provide pipework schematics to suit your specific installation, if these are required by your local council.
  • Your firewood must be well seasoned before use, and have a moisture content of less than 25%. The hotter you run your fire the more water heating you will produce.
  • Promote more hot water production by installing a heat transfer system to transfer excess heat from the living area to the remainder of the home. In doing so, this will encourage a higher fire setting for longer periods. In return this will result in a fantastic ambient temperature throughout your home with more hot water generated by your wetback.

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