Metro Fires. Ultra Xtreme Rad

$3,349.00 incl. GST

Delivering real warmth to your home with a generous flame view to enjoy on those cold winter nights. Firebox construction of solid 6mm NZ made steel and firebrick lined for maximum radiant heat. The Ultra Xtreme Rad is fitted with a convection fan which distributes a gentle air flow around the inner cabinet of your fire enhancing the transfer of heat into the room to maximise efficiency.

Ultra low emissionClean air approved
Peak output18kW
Heating area200m2 / 4 bedroom home
FinishMetallic black paint
MfE #200998 (NES) / 200997 (ECan CM1)
Emission0.39gms (NES) / 27.7mg/MJ (ECan CM1)
Efficiency67.4% (NES)

Required. A Floor Protector and Flue Kit are required to be installed with this Wood Fire. These are not included in the basic Wood Fire price and will need to be added to your cart as well. See Metro Fires. Accessories for options.

Note. We encourage you to meet with your Installer prior to purchase to ensure that your Wood Fire is suitable for what you have in mind, that you order the correct parts, and to request a quote for the installation of your fire prior to Install.

Pick Up. Metro Fires are delivered to your nearest PBT Depot which means you will need to arrange collection of your Wood Fire from the depot. You will also need to arrange assistance in handling the Wood Fire as they are heavy and awkward to lift.

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