Metro. Eco Base Flue System

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Suitable for freestanding wood fires being installed into a home with a vented ceiling cavity (attic space). Ventilation for the flue system is drawn from within the homes ceiling cavity. Galvanised outer liner.

For homes without a vented ceiling cavity or homes featuring a sloping ceiling you will also need to add the ECO Option Kit

To extend your Metro Flue System within the roof space and outside the home see ECO Extension Kit

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Prevent Heat Loss & Reduce Fuel Consumption.

Metro have dedicated years of development and testing to deliver the best performance and efficiency from a flue system. A Metro ECO Flue System will retain the warmth from your Metro wood fire in your home, and reduce fuel consumption at the same time.

Metro ECO Flue System.

The Metro ECO Flue system is a double-liner system consisting of a 150mm flue pipe, 200mm inner liner, 250mm outer liner and Metro ECO Cowl.

The easily-recognisable rocket shaped cowling operates on a vertical discharge principle, and induces updraft to the flue gases increasing draw within the flue pipe. The unique design and performance of the Metro ECO Cowl and ECO Flue system is what sets it apart from a standard design flue system.

The Metro ECO Flue system is ventilated from either your home’s ceiling cavity or from outside the home, not from the room being heated by your wood fire. This ensures all the heat provided by your wood fire stays within your home instead of disappearing up the flue system to ventilate it.

The energy savings achieved by the ECO Flue System are impressive. Lab testing of a standard flue system resulted in the heated air provided by the wood fire being drawn out of the home at an astounding rate of 450 litres per minute. Now that’s a lot of hot air to lose!


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