Filtec. Town Water Filter

$649.95 incl. GST

If taste and odour are an issue with your town water, this home water filter is a solution. 

This unit has been configured for Town water and combines practical filtration levels at high flow rates and long cartridge life with a Carbon Block Filter for taste and odour removal. The large size Carbon Block ensures longer contact time for more effective removal and long service life.


  • Easy installation – Simple wall bracket supplied
  • Multi-Stage Filtration including Taste and Odour Removal – With two jumbo filters this unit is ideal for improving town water. The initial polyspun 10 micron filter removes rust and sediment that can be present in the town water reticulation systems with any taste and odour issues addressed by the 5 micron carbon block cartridge filter
  • High Capacity – The large size jumbo filters ensure high capacity for all home sizes and longer filter life
  • Durable – Manufactured with quality components to ensure long life
  • Easy maintenance – Pressure release valve and wrench included for easy filter change

NOTE. This appliance must be installed by a Licensed Plumber, it is illegal to D.I.Y.

Find a Master Plumber in your area.

NZ Residential Delivery Included.

Price Match. Yes.

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