C@H. Rainwater Collection System 600L

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Collect water. Use Rain. Eco Friendly. Water the garden.

The Marley Twist is a Rainwater Diverter that can be fitted to your existing downpipe and together with a Water Tank and a few other bits and pieces turns the rain that falls on to your roof into a free source of water.

Water the garden, top up the pool, wash the car or use in an emergency.

We have put together what you will need to do this along with a simple set of instructions. System includes:

  • Marley Twist Rainwater Diverter (6 colours)
  • 600L Devan Plastics Water Tank (12 colours)
  • Fittings to install a hose tap to the outlet of the Water Tank (50 x 15mm Hansen Reducing Bush, 15mm Brass Hose Tap Male)
  • A seal for the inlet of the garden hose from the Marley Twist to the Water Tank (PTFE Tape Std, 15mm Uniseal Pipe Seal)
  • Extra options available to adapt the Marley Twist Rainwater Diverter to your existing downpipe.

Also required but not included is a length of hose (length varies depending on distance) to go between the Marley Twist and the Water Tank.

NZ Residential Delivery Included. *To Residential North Island and some parts of the South Island. Addresses outside the ‘Delivery Included’ zone may incur an additional charge. Contact us prior to ordering and we can check the cost of delivery for you. The Water Tank will be delivered separate to the remainder of the order.

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Downloads. Marley Twist Rainwater Diverter | Marley Twist Brochure | Devan 600 Litre Water Tank | Devan Water Tank Installation & Maintenance Guide | C@H Rainwater Collection System Instructions


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