C@H. 3.6m Free-Standing Flue Kit 1200 Hi-Therm

$503.00 incl. GST


1200 Kits DO NOT include a 600mm long 250mm dia. Outer Casing Slip Extension 

Diagram illustrates 150 Kit with Flue Pipe Shield

To comply with the height requirements of AS/NZS 2918:2001 (4.6 metre rule) additional Flue Pipe and/or Casings must be added


Flue Kit Includes the following product: 

150mm Dia

Flue Shield

3 x 1200mm lengths Flue Pipe

1 x 1200mm length Outer/Inner Combination

1 x Anti Down-Draught Cowl

1 x Casing Cover

1 x Top Spacer Bracket

1 x Ceiling Plate

1 x Pkt Screws & Spacers

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