Cavius. Wireless Family 65mm Thermal Heat Alarm

$74.90 incl. GST

The CAVIUS Wireless Family Thermal Heat Alarm detects fast, flaming fires areas not suitable to install smoke alarms; kitchens, garages, workshops and laundries.

Using state-of-the-art Danish technology; the Thermal Heat Alarm monitors changes in ambient room temperature and sounds if there is a rapid, constant temperature increase or ambient temperature reaches >58°C.

The Wireless Family alarms interconnect to each other using innovative Radio Frequency technology so when one alarm activates, they all sound.

The battery-operated CAVIUS Wireless Family alarms require no wiring. Setting up and interconnecting your alarms is a simple 2-minute process.

Once connected; when one alarm starts to siren, it will send out a 360-degree signal, all other CAVIUS Wireless Family alarms in range will also start to siren.

The range between alarms depend on the building materials and should be tested in each individual case.

This Danish design means that no matter where a fire is detected, all alarms sound, giving your family vital extra minutes for evacuation.

Using innovative, automated radio frequency technology, our Wireless Family alarms sync up – so no matter where a fire is detected, all alarms sound, giving your family vital extra minutes for evacuation.


  • 5 YEAR LONG-LIFE Duracell battery (replaceable)
  • SOUND LEVEL 85db(A) at 3 meters
  • NEW RF TECHNOLOGY allows the ability to connect up to 32 Wireless Family alarms
  • INTELLIGENT TEST BUTTON ensures both the thermistor and software are functioning
  • 10-MINUTE hush button
  • 30-DAY low battery alert
  • EASY INSTALLATION with the unique smart-clip ceiling mechanism
  • CEILING OR WALL INSTALLATION – There are two installation options available – recessed and flush mount. Profile: 15mm (Recessed) 38mm (Flush)
  • TESTED according to EN54-5
  • CONNECTS with CAVIUS Wireless Family Mains Powered Smoke Alarm, Wireless Family 78mm 10 Year Smoke Alarm, Wireless Family 5 Year Smoke Alarm.

Technical Specifications:

  • SENSOR TYPE: Thermistor Heat detection
  • BATTERY: Duracell Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
  • MAXIMUM HUMIDITY: +95% Rh non-condensing
  • DIMENSIONS: 65mm diameter
  • CERTIFICATIONS: • CE EN60065 • RoHs  • Reach

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