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Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with Ikon’s iKolor technology. Colour any stainless steel product from Ikon’s kitchen range*.

Choose from 23 stunning standard colours.

iKolor is a registered trademark of Ikon. Accurate reproductions of the colours shown in this colour range is only available using Ikon’s iKolor process. They are not available from other manufacturers or retailers.
Colours may appear to vary with different gloss levels, lighting, substrate texture, application method and technique. Always view a physical colour sample before making your final choice as iKolor products are not able to be returned*.

iKolor gives you the freedom to match your tapware and kitchen appliances to the colour palette of your space without sacrificing any of the durability you require. With iKolor you can choose to colour any stainless steel product – part of a product from our range including kitchen appliances, tapware and accessories *(excludes sinks).

  • *Any product modified for the customer, including iKolor, cannot be returned.
  • iKolor has a 5 year warranty. The warranty is with the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.
  • Allow 7-12 working days for dispatch.

Enquire here for a quote or colour sample.

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