Wood Fires. Warranty, Council & Insurance.

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The length of warranty on your wood fire and parts and any related conditions or transferability varies between manufacturers. Details of warranty for a specific wood fire can be found through the technical info link on the wood fire product page.

It is a legal requirement under the Building Act 2004 to obtain a building consent from your local authority before installing a wood fire. A building consent helps to make sure that the fire you are installing meets all safety standards. Each local authority can have different criteria that must be met specific to that region, to find out what is required in your area contact your local council. It can take a number of days / weeks to obtain consent in some areas so good planning is key to work in with delivery of your wood fire and date of installation. The price of the consent also varies in regions and depending on the type of fire (freestanding or built-in) can range from $300 to $700 or more just as an example.

When applying for your consent you generally need to provide a layout of your house showing where the fire will be installed along with where smoke alarms are installed. This does not have to be a professional drawing. You also need to provide the wood fire’s installation instructions and specifications which can be found on the technical info link on the wood fire product page. Until your wood fire installation has been signed off by the council you should not light your fire however tempting it might be, as you may not covered by insurance. On that note, it is a good idea to advise the insurance company covering your building insurance prior to installation.

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