Wood Fires. Size Matters.

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To get the most efficiency out of your Wood Fire choose the Wood Fire with the output (kW) that is right for the size of your home. A Wood Fire too large or small for the area you are heating can mean having to turn the Wood Fire up high or down low making it less efficient and resulting in more emissions, that can cause damage over time.

The output (kW) for the Wood Fires available at Climate At Home is shown under Specifications on the product pages, as well as the related best sized Floor Area for this Wood Fire. You can also filter your search for Wood Fires based on your Floor Area or by Output.

Consider the age of your house and its level of insulation, whether a Wetback (mostly rural) or Heat Transfer System will be used, as well as the stud height. Guides for output (kW) to floor areas are based on a standard stud height. These factors can mean a higher Output (kW) than that recommended for a floor area, is needed to achieve the required level of heating.

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