Wood Fires. Radiant Or Convection?

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Convection. Convection Wood Fires heat the whole room evenly from the ceiling down. Cold air is drawn in, heated and then rises. As the hot air shifts down from the ceiling to the room it merges with the lower cold air. The cycle repeats until a warm even heat is achieved throughout the whole room. Convection Wood Fires are most efficient in new homes and older homes with a high level of insulation together with a standard ceiling height. A lack of insulation can result in hot air being retained at ceiling height and the warm air being lost through drafty doors and windows.

Radiant. Defrosting cold fingers and toes or keeping warm by the fire happens with a Radiant Wood Fire. Radiant Wood Fire’s do as they say, like the sun, they radiate heat and warm the objects around them. Radiant Wood Fire’s are great for homes with high ceilings, less insulated older homes and new homes with large open plan areas. Some models can also be used as a Cook Top.

Radiant & Convection. A combination of both Radiant and Convection can give you the best of both worlds, a gentle even heat throughout the whole room as well as being rewarded with that radiant Wood Fire glow.

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