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In most cases a single layer non-combustible Floor Protector must be used when installing a freestanding or built-in Wood Fire. As an idea, the Floor Protector must extend under the Wood Fire if freestanding and extend not less than 20cm either side. It must also extend 30cm in front of any fuel loading and ash removal openings, this also applies to built-in Wood Fires.

If your flooring is made from a non-combustible material such as concrete a separate Floor Protector may not be required.

Check the Installation & Instructions found in the product pages of Climate At Home for exact clearances and requirements relating to each individual Wood Fire.

The Floor Protectors available at Climate At Home from brands Kent, Metro and Smokin Joe allow you to customise and use materials such as stainless steel, coloured pine, rimu, coloured tiles, black tiles or steel to work with the space in your home.

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Floor Protectors

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