Wood Fires. Clean Air or Non-Clean Air.

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Are you in a Clean Air zone? If you live in a Residential Zone and your property size is less than 2ha you can only install an approved Clean Air Wood Fire. If you are Rural and your property size is greater that 2ha you have the choice to install either an approved Clean Air or Non-Clean Air Wood Fire.

Clean Air Wood Fires are designed to put the fire out without allowing it to reduce to a slow burning smouldering fire that emits a lot of smoke. This is not as much a problem in Rural areas as the larger land size means any smoky emissions are not as imposing on neighboring properties.

Approved Clean Air Wood Fires must have emissions of less than 1.5 grams of particles per kilogram of dry wood burnt and a thermal efficiency of not less than 65 percent.

To further improve the emissions from your Wood Fire only burn dry wood, its lower moisture content produces less smoke when burned.

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